You have officially been elected mayor! Wooh and yay! The campaign was long and arduous but now it’s time for some home improvement! Keep making your town more attractive and watch it grow as people from all areas flock into a now sprawling metropolis. Keep your citizens happy and they will pay their taxes on time and take care of their own. But be careful, betray their trust, ignore important issues, handle situations badly and they’ll oust you from office. With great power comes great responsibility. Are you up for the challenge?

With “Mayoral Mandates” (Working Title), we endeavour to create a realistic depiction of the ups and downs the task of a 'mayor' entails. We hope to underline the difficulties of daily decision-making while players walk the line between emotionality and cold calculation that is politics. The game will be unconventional in a number of ways, while having a basis in the well-established genre of old-school city-builders.

“Mayoral Mandates” (working title) will launch in January of 2017. Further updates will be posted soon so keep an eye on this site!